Wrestling Stars WhoPassed Away at a Young Age

Wrestling Stars WhoPassed Away at a Young Age

Professional wrestling is a critical sport which can lead to death even for the trained athletes. For a professional wrestler, the shriek of the audience and the grumble of the opponent are not the only conflicts they endure every time they compete inside the ring; they can immediately die in a single, wrong move. Moreover, there is a struggle within themselves which none of the viewers and supporters could ever understand.

  1. Chyna (45 years old)

Joan Marie Laurer, or Chyna, was a professional wrestler, pornographic film actress, and bodybuilder. Chyna received several recognitions from the World Wrestling Entertainment (formerly World Wrestling Federation) including the WWF Intercontinental Championship, WWF Women’s Championship, and the “Ninth Wonder of the World.” Her final wrestling appearance was the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling in 2011. Chyna appeared in various pornographic films and received an award at AVN for Best Celebrity Sex Tape in 2012. The police found her dead in her apartment in Redondo Beach, California in 2016. Her autopsy showed that she died due to alcohol and drug overdose.


  1. Chris Kanyon (40 years old)

Kanyon rose to fame on 1996 as a professional wrestler when he appeared in international wrestling promotions of World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and Wrestling Federation (WWF) as a jobber. He made his debut on SmackDown! in 2001 with the former WCW wrestlers, The Alliance.  However, he met an injury on the same year with a torn ACL on his left knee which stirred his career as a wrestler. After his recovery, another damage on his left shoulder occurred in 2002 where he suffered from head contusion and tendinitis. Kanyon struggled during his career due to his bipolar disorder and homosexuality. He died on 2010 in his apartment in New York City after an overdose of antidepressants.


  1. Owen Hart (34 years old)

His demise was one of the most unexpected bits in the history of WWF. Owen Hart was set to match against Charles Wright or The Godfather for the Intercontinental Championship in Kemper Arena in Kansas City. Hart planned to make a dramatic entrance to embody his “buffoonish superhero” character by entangling himself from the safety harness and falling flat on his face on the ring. Unfortunately, a production failure occurred when he was lowering himself on the ring — he dropped 78 feet (24m) with chest first. The medical personnel was unable to revive him, and his autopsy showed that he died due to internal bleeding caused by blunt force trauma.


  1. Kerry Von Erich (33 years old)

The Texas Tornado, with his signature Tornado Punch, was part of the wrestler legacy of the Von Erich family. His debut match was against Paul Perschmann during the promotion of the World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW). He met a fatal motorcycle accident in 1986 where he suffered from multiple injuries. His doctors suggested amputating his right leg which led him to use a prosthetic foot during his matches. Moreover, his injuries also influenced him to overdose on painkillers. WWF fired Kerry for forging drug prescriptions and put him on probation. He took his own life in 1993 with a gun on his heart at their family ranch in Denton County, Texas after his failed marriage and prison time.

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