The world of pornography is full of celebrities, athletes and famous people. These are individuals who somehow or another decided to do porn. Some of them did it before they were famous. Others had their private sex tapes hacked or leaked on the web. In that long list of famous people, you have many pro wrestling stars. Overall, there are several of them who did porn one way or the other. Their sex tapes made it online either as group sex porn videos or were professionally done. But, you have a great deal of them which were sort of amateur porn.

Some of the pro wrestling stars who went on to have sex in front of the camera, did so after their careers were in decline or over. The vast majority may have done it for money. Then, there are those who did it simply because they enjoy having sex or as an art form. Below is a list of famous pro wrestlers who did porn and you may not have been aware of.

Mickie James – Those who follow pro wrestling know Mickie James as a one-time WWE Divas Champion. She was also a three-time TNA Knockouts Champion. But before all of that, Mickie was doing something else entirely different to make money. Miss James posed fully nude in several websites and magazines. Her still images were pornographic and sexually explicit. Of course once Mickie’s pro wrestling career took off, she left the porn industry.

Chyna – Often called the Ninth Wonder of the world, Chyna is one of the most recognized pro women wrestlers ever. The former WWE Intercontinental Champion is very pretty, popular and has a hot body. It may be why her appearance on Playboy magazine is one of the best-selling issues of all time. Once Chyna’s pro wrestling career was over, the Amazon starlet began to dabble in pornography. Her celebrity sex tape which is now infamous was released. The title was “1 Night in China.” She also did several porn parodies playing She-Hulk and other roles.

Hulk Hogan – The Hulk may have been responsible for taking pro wrestling to another level. In his prime, he managed to become the most popular pro wrestler ever. But once his career was over, his problems began. Hulk was caught on an amateur porn video having sex with his best friend’s wife. The sex tape contained racial epithets and other embarrassing moments for Hogan. He did manage to win $140 million in damages since the tape was released without his consent. Plus, Hogan said he never knew he was being filmed.

Candice Michelle – Before Candice Michelle became a WWE Women’s Champion, she was doing porn. Although it was soft-core porno, it was still enough to add her to the list of pro wrestlers who did pornography. You can see Michelle in several group sex porn videos involving bondage.

X-Pac – When it comes to awards, X-Pac won some for wrestling and porno. Better known as a member of the nWo and Degeneration X, he managed to win a few wrestling championships. At the same time, X-Pac won an award for his performance in 1 Night In China. Chyna was his girlfriend back then when they made the pornographic film together. That porn video went on to win the Top Selling Release of the Year during the 2006 AVA awards.

In addition to all of the names mentioned above, there are several other pro wrestlers who have done some type of porn movie. Torrie Wilson was a 2003 Playboy cover girl and performed in WrestleMania XXV. Amy Weber, Sable, Christy Hemme and Maryse also did stints as wrestlers and adult performances. Lastly, there’s Sunny and Ashley who both went on to appear in WWE and some type of pornographic content.