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We Give Back

As part of the Real Men, Real Dads committment, the site will donate 25% of ANY and ALL advertising revenue and 10% of ANY and ALL sales revenue to organizations that specialize in helping those in need. All revenue and donation amounts will be documented and posted on site for transparency and as a display of good will.  Currently, RMRD is not a formal sponsor of any charitable organizations, but is actively searching for groups that share the RMRD mission and philosophy.

To reach RMRD, e-mail  You can also find the site (and therefore Josh Ray) on various social media listed on the page under that media‚Äôs symbol.


Total: $112.68*
2012:  $112.68*

*  Includes $33.66 matching donation from Make A Wish Foundation partners.


Total: $34.00
2012:  $34.00


Total: $15.00
2012:  $15.00

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