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Unofficial Links

Real Men, Real Dads seeks out the very best, most informative, most entertaining, and frequently updated websites, web pages, and Internet communities concerning men and dads across the world-wide web. With that in mind, RMRD dedicated this page to a list of links that are not featured prominently on the main page and deserve mention.  I hope that you will check them out and offer up more of your own.  The links do not need simply be “Dad Blogs” but about the many aspects of being a man or a father.

If a page has not been updated in the past six months, has moved, or is down, please let me know.  I will check links frequently, but I could use all the help I can get!

Showcased Links: Contact to have your site/blog showcased!


Unofficial Links

  • A Daddy Blog - This blog by a new daddy is about life, parenthood and the pursuit of sleep. This is not your Mommy’s blog. “A Daddy Blog” targets parenthood from the father’s perspective, and includes a focus the modern dad, kids products, entertainment, health, social media, technology and of course a liberal dose of humor.
  • A Family Runs Through It – A stay-at-home dad writes about parenting, homeschooling, and family life in North Idaho.
  • American Diabetes Association (ADA) – Diabetes treatment and awareness means a lot to RMRD.  Josh Ray’s oldest son, Jalen, has the disease and through groups like ADA and caring people in the world, it’s increasingly possible a cure can be found.
  • Art of Manliness – This blog/site revives manliness.  I urge you to check it out and see what I mean!.
  • –  Seriously, you need to check this out for a free credit “grade” and an evaluation of your identity theft risk!
  • Culture Brats – Culture Brats is intelligent, witty, and insightful commentary on pop culture from the ’80s to today.
  • DadCentric - DadCentric is a junta of smart, edgy, and talented writer-dads, at the forefront of a revolution whose purpose is to overthrow the outdated notions of Fatherhood.
  • Daddy Digest – Home of the Daddy Digest Podcast!
  • D-Mom Blog – The mother of a child with diabetes covers that lifestyle.  This site is a favorite of Sara Ray, wife to Josh, Real Men, Real Dads owner and admin.
  • Educated Abroad - Follow in the foot-steps of a Stay-at-Home-Father. Current location: Kuwait. This blog examines his personal thoughts, experiences and impressions on what it’s like being the parent of a child in private education in a foreign country.
  • Fatherhood Etc. – David Ozab, a stay-at-home dad, maintains this great blog.
  • Fatherhood InitiativeNational Fatherhood Initiative’s Mission: To improve the well-being of children by increasing the proportion of children growing up with involved, responsible, and committed fathers.
  • Four Hour Workweek & Four Hour Blog – The book changed my way of thinking, and has some great ways to free you of time-consuming activities!
  • Frugal Dad – He hates debt.  You should, too!
  • ITP Foundation – Josh Ray’s oldest son, Jalen, has a blood disorder called ITP.  The ITP Foundation seeks better treatment and diagnosis of the disorder.  Support them!
  • Make A Wish Foundation – A great organization helping children with life-threatening conditions or illnesses around the globe.
  • Makes Me Wanna Holler – Join E.Payne at his very well-written and entertaining blog.  ”For married men and women, about to be married men and women, women who want to be married, or just someone looking for a little bit of inspiration to get through the day…welcome to the place where I holler…I hope you’ll stay awhile.
  • Missouri Wrestling Revival – As a pro wrestling fan from the Midwest, this was my old blog.  I worked diligently, growing the site before I handed it off to my good friend Brian Kelley due to family commitments.
  • OnlyDads – A single father and creator of United Kingdom organization OnlyDads, Bob writes about issues that affect lone parents and families of all shapes and sizes.
  • Quirky Momma – This former public school teacher features educational activities for children and tips for moms on her blog.  Guys could learn a thing or two, too.
  • Recipe Mantra – What a great international recipe blog!
  • Rockaway Beach News – My good friend Jonathan has a website up covering news and information for his small, southwest Missouri town!
  • Sweet Juniper! – A blog with personality.  That’s the easiest way to describe this blog operated primarily by a stay-at-home dad.
  • The Good Men Project - At the Good Men Project Magazine, the goal is to explore men’s lives in a way that no other media company ever has.
  • The Jack B – This blog has something for everyone.  It reminds me of a daddy blog, but yet it doesn’t at the same time…
  • Wise Bread - Wise Bread is a community of bloggers here to help you live large on a small budget.
  • Wounded Warrior Project – A charity near and dear to my heart, the Wounded Warrior Project helps soldiers adjust to life in the U.S. after being injured at war.

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