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About RMRD


Real Men, Real Dads is the blog of Josh Ray, a former U.S. soldier, father, husband, and undoubtedly a man.  The focus of RMRD is on being a father and a man in the current American climate.  RMRD is an extension of Josh’s personality, and aims to promote modern manliness and benefit the world in some small way.

About the Owner-Creator-Administrator

Josh is an intelligence professional for the U.S. Government on occasion and a professional in everything he does always.  Josh also ring announces for pro wrestling, raps, blogs, writes, reads, and whatever else he feels like doing.  In a world where fear has permeated everything around us, Josh tries to live fearlessly.  It’s not an easy task.

Fearless.  Intelligent.  Devoted to Family.

That is where RMRD comes in.  The battle cry of this blog is “Fearless.  Intelligent.  Devoted to Family.” and it is not to be taken lightly.  That battle cry should be the life-guide of every real man and every real dad on the face of this planet.

In a fearful world, much is given to the fearless man.  The fearless man understands that he will never truly be without fear, but strives daily to master that fear.  Fear is what keeps us at a deadend job while bills mount and debt crushes us.

To be fearless and successful, however, the fearless man must be intelligent.  Just because a man has mastered his fear does not mean that bad things will never happen.  Bad things always happen, so the man must use his brain to overcome those obstacles that are placed before him.

With fearless intelligence and nothing else, a man is hollow and not truly human.  A man needs more than money.  A man needs more than women.  A man needs family, and he needs to be devoted to that family.  The family may not include children, or a wife, or even actual blood relatives.  A man’s family may just simply be a group of close friends.

So there you have it, folks.  Real Men, Real Dads: Fearless.  Intelligent.  Devoted to Family.

Advertising-Marketing-Collaboration Information

This blog is very advertiser friendly and welcomes any serious discussion about advertising and marketing opportunities.  Rates are competitive and reflect the hard work RMRD puts into delivering a product with integrity while gaining an expanding audience.  Contact for more information.

You may also contact me concerning collaborative and partnering opportunities and inquiries.  I welcome any mutually beneficial opportunity to collaborate/partner with individuals and companies!


As part of the Real Men, Real Dads committment, the site donates to organizations that specialize in helping those in need. All revenue and donation amounts will be documented and posted on site for transparency and as a display of good will.  Currently, RMRD is not a formal sponsor of any charitable organizations, but is actively searching for groups that share the RMRD mission and philosophy.

Copyright Information

All media, to include music, videos, blog posts, and articles, fall in three categories on my site.  The first of which is copyrighted to Real Men, Real Dads or Josh Ray.  The second is media/material that is under another individual or organization’s copyright, but that this blog has permission to use or has fair use rights to.  The third is public domain, copyright free or creative commons media/material.  Regardless of the category all media on this site falls under, it will have creditable information describing it as such.  As a whole, this blog is copyrighted to Josh Ray and Real Men, Real Dads.   Please send a request to me for use of any material on this blog.  I take ownership of my blog very seriously, but I also love to collaborate with other like-minded individuals.


To reach RMRD, e-mail  You can also find the site (and therefore Josh Ray) on various social media listed on the page under that media’s symbol.

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