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3 Vehicles That Should Be Considered For The Next Batmobile

3 Vehicles That Should Be Considered For The Next Batmobile

With the news of Ben Affleck taking on the role of Batman in the upcoming Batman vs Superman film due in 2015 fresh on everyone’s minds, it’s not surprising to think how many people are already planning other aspects of the sequel. For example, fans wonder whether Henry Cavill will reprise his role as Clark Kent, others wonder whether the story will improve from Man of Steel, and others still have begun to consider what vehicles should be considered as the next Batmobile.

While it would be easy to take a vehicle, like a VW Passat from Chicago, and modify it to portray a bat motif, there are a few cars out there that already have somewhat of a natural Batmobile appearance, all of which should be considered for the 2015 sequel.

1. BMW Gina

The BMW Gina is a high-end sports car concept that has the ability to shapeshift while on the go. While that might sound a little too futuristic to be true, this is an actual vehicle that would make an exceptional choice for the Batmobile.

The fact that one of its shapeshifting modes includes an appearance that presents tailfins that look remarkably like batwings is one major reason that this would make a solid choice. In addition, it was built with only four panels to help create the appearance of a body that has no seams, giving it a sleek appearance that Batman would approve of.

2. Maybech Exelero 

A unique sports car, the Maybech Exelero naturally has an elongated appearance that is rather similar to the design of the Batmobile according to the comic book series. Granted, this is a vehicle that was only designed on a special order, but that does not change the fact that it is actually a remarkable vehicle that would make an excellent choice for the Batmobile in the upcoming Batman vs Superman film.

3. Mazda Furai

Another concept car, the Mazda Furai is a vehicle that was very clearly designed for fast and agile racing. With a 450 horsepower 3 Rotor engine and a built-in modifiable tailfin, this is one car that could be considered a perfect vehicle for chasing down Batman’s many different enemies, such as Joker, Killer Croc or even Scarecrow when they’re on the run from the Dark Knight himself.

These are just three of the many different vehicles that would make a good choice for the next Batmobile film vehicle.


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