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5 Gifts Your Wife Is Wanting You To Get Her But Won’t Tell You

5 Gifts Your Wife Is Wanting You To Get Her But Won’t Tell You


Although women are great communicators, they aren’t always direct about what they would really like to receive for gifts. Many women are hoping that the special man in their life will be intuitive and know exactly what she would like to receive. There are many surefire gifts that your wife might secretly be longing for, but not coming out and asking for.


If your wife is a mother, she might need to feel that you still find her attractive and see her as more than the mother of your children. Let her know that she is still the object of your desire. Even if she is not a mother yet, she will still feel surprised and flattered that you were confident and attentive enough to choose a gift of this nature. Choose something that makes her feel pretty and special.

A Gift Card

Any fashionista will love a gift card giving them a reason to enjoy some shopping time. Gift cards have a personal feel when they are chosen for stores that she frequently visits. She knows her style best and can pick out exactly the apparel and accessories that she wants. If your wife is an avid reader, she may enjoy an Amazon gift card or other book provider gift card. You could even surprise her with a gift card for a getaway location that the two of you have been dreaming of visiting. In this case, the gift card also becomes the gift of a shared experience.

Time alone

Maybe your wife is secretly wishing for some alone time to regroup and feel refreshed. Send her away to the spa for a day or a weekend. There are many spa offerings to indulge in, including facials, massages, nail services, and hair treatments. Perhaps you could even send her away on a fun weekend with her sister or favorite girlfriend.

A maid service

Sometimes the every day demands of life make daily tasks feel like drudgery. Perhaps she would really appreciate a maid service, but doesn’t want to risk feeling like she can’t do it all. Let her know that she doesn’t need to feel like a super wife or super mom, and that she deserves a break!


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