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The Tools That Every Handy Man Needs

The Tools That Every Handy Man Needs


If you’re a homeowner who likes to be prepared with a full array of tools for every situation, here’s a list for you. You might already have the basic tools necessary for repairs around the house, but the hand tools and power tools listed below will supercharge your ability get things done.

Brad Nail Gun

A brad nail gun and air compressor can be had for just $160, a bargain for a tool that is valuable for countless home projects. For example, the tool combo makes kitchen roll-outs, cabinets and book shelving a breeze.

Reciprocating Saw

A reciprocating saw is the ultimate demolition tool, cutting through metals, drywall, wood and tubing with ease. You can get one with plenty of features for under $50. For best results, try a few before you make a purchase.

Lithium-ion Driver

Compared to nickel-cadmium-battery drivers, lithium-ion drivers weigh less and stay charged for longer. The cheapest models start out under $50, but compact models, ideal for tight spots, are available for just a little more. For hanging cabinets or assembling shelving, you can’t beat the reliable convenience that these offer.

Oscillating Tool

Recently, several companies have released low-cost oscillating tools that are compact and high-powered with plenty of accessories. You can do anything with one, including sanding tight spots, cutting wood or metal or scraping paint. Make sure to try one out so you know that you’ve buying a tool that feels right for you.

Miter Saw

This saw gives you incredible versatility that enables easy trim cutting and woodworking. Prices are now so low that you can often find them for less than $80. If you’re going to do a lot of routine manual cutting, you might also be able to find Benchmade knives here in the cutting section of the store.

Speed Square

At under $10, a good speed square is well worth its price for its ability to decrease the time needed to mark lines for cutting or assembling wood projects. A durable metal square will be your best bet for longevity.

Cat’s Paw

Not only is a multipurpose cat’s paw perfect for prying nails, trim or molding, but it’s also the best tool available for removing nails that are buried deep in wood. Its small size means that it can be kept handy on a tool belt for pulling nails or even scraping. The basic models start at under $10, and you can choose from several options depending on your requirements.

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