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Five Home Necessities for Hurricane Prone Areas

Five Home Necessities for Hurricane Prone Areas


Hurricanes have the potential to destroy property, cause major flooding and make roads impassable. These types of hurricane damage then lead to hurricane safety issues for people living in hurricane prone areas. For example, flooding can spread disease and contaminate drinking water. Blocked off roads make it impossible to seek first aid. Preparing for hurricanes means preparing for these possibilities.

Hurricane Readiness Kit

A hurricane readiness kit should have everything a household needs if the power goes out, water supplies are contaminated and minor injuries occur. An emergency radio and backup batteries can mean the difference between knowing what is happening and having no idea when the storm will blow over. Mobile lighting, such as flashlights and camping lanterns, is absolutely necessary. Downed power lines are a common effect of hurricanes. Lastly, pack a first aid kit that includes everything from wound care to pain relievers. Do not forget to add backups of any necessary medications members of the household are taking.

Food and Water

Preparing food during a hurricane or after one that has caused damage is going to be difficult. Pack ready to eat foods that are high in protein and calories. These are survival foods, such as canned beans, trail mix, granola bars and canned meat. Rotate these out every few months so the food stored for emergencies is safe to eat. Pack away several cases of bottled water. It is also a good idea to pack water purification chemicals and containers in which to purify water, if necessary.


A hurricane can easily break every window in a house. The winds alone can be strong enough to break glass, but flying debris is even more likely to cause damage. It can also cause injury. Strong shutters can keep debris from breaking windows and entering the house. Make sure to secure them whenever there is a hurricane warning.


Loss of property is expected during a hurricane. Things like trash barrels, lawn chairs and even large items like trampolines can be lifted far away. One way to avoid this is to tie things down. Items like ratchet straps, bungee cords and rope can secure almost anything, with ratchet straps being the strongest.


When it comes to the security of property, nothing beats insurance. No amount of roof reinforcement, shutters and tie-downs are going to protect a home from the worst hurricanes, so homeowners need to be ready with insurance that they are sure covers everything from wind damage to flooding.

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