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Transforming Your Office Into a Man Cave: A Weekend Project

Transforming Your Office Into a Man Cave: A Weekend Project

So you’ve convinced the wife. You’ve gotten permission to convert that room that was once the old office into a suitable man cave. You’ve got power tools, a weekend, and a man cave just waiting to happen. Here is a quick guide on how to make the man cave your friends will envy.

Step One: Gut It

You have to empty the room in order to convert it to a proper man cave. Make sure that you do this properly though, as you will be moving these to storage. If it looks like all those clothes and ornaments were just tossed into a trash bag, the wife might just nip this whole project in the bud before you’ve even started. Pack it all properly into labeled boxes and take them to your Albuquerque NM storage units before you go any further. Again, if your wife thinks you are just going to make a mess of everything, she’s less likely to go along with the rest of your harebrained schemes.

Step Two: Reconstruction

Anything that’s broken already in this room needs to be fixed, and any permanent alterations should be handled now. While you are working on the patches, think about your plans. Will this be a full fledged shrine to football or a Godzilla themed home theater? Take the time to research what kind of work you’re going to need to make it what you want. Don’t get too distracted by those home theater forums though. You can’t build your own by drooling over the competition.

Step Three: Shop Like a Man

Now we’re getting somewhere. Even if you aren’t working on a football shrine or home theater, odds are your man cave is going to need one mammoth television, if not two. So make sure you’ve got the dimensions figured out for what you can fit and then double and triple check the budget with She Who Must Be Obeyed. Pout if you have to, and promise to share as a last resort. Don’t bring up the mini fridge.

Step Four: Put It All Together

You wouldn’t be a man if your man cave wasn’t a perpetual work in progress, so hook up all your gadgets and the giant TV and relax a while. Then get to work on the fine details. Make sure it has your flavor. No need to paint. Just cover the walls in posters and all the things you promised to throw away years ago.

Step Five: Test It

Invite the guys over for a football game and enjoy.

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