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Top Secret: 5 Best Tools of the Professional Handyman

Top Secret: 5 Best Tools of the Professional Handyman

A good handyman always seems to have the right tool for the job. It’s easy to see then how quite an arsenal of tools could be needed in order to be a “jack-of-all-trades.” Because of this, it’s difficult to hone-in on just a few tools that may best serve a handyman. But if we had to choose, these are arguably the five most necessary on the list.

Alemite 40′ 12/3 Retractable Cord Reel

A big part of most repair jobs is electricity. If a handyman doesn’t have power when he needs it, a repair can take substantially longer and may not even be done the correct way. The Alemite 40′ Cord Reel is a great example of power provision anywhere. Enjoy everywhere-power with a non-tangle, retracting, and adjustable, base-swiveling reel unlike most others.

Dremel Tool

Speaking of power tools, the Dremel has become one of the definitive, must-haves for all handymen. It is a multipurpose oscillating tool which can do everything from engrave, score, cut and more. It also works on just about any kind of building material. Having a Dremel opens up a world of options.

DeWalt DW511R

Having a reliable and quality drill is immeasurably important. The DeWalt DW511R is just that kind of drill. It accommodates a 1/2″ chuck opening and is great for drilling and driving in all applications. In addition, the DW511R is a powerful hammer drill which means that making new holes in concrete and brick is simple.

Sheffield Razor Knife

One of the most reached for items in a handyman’s inventory is the razor knife. And when it comes to razor knives, Sheffield is a great choice. These knives are rugged and dependable, yet very safe. Features include an ergonomic handle and quick-change blade holder that stays closed when it’s supposed to.

Greenlee GT-95 Electrical Tester

Anyone who has done handiwork knows that there are many kinds of electrical testers on the market. Cutting right to the chase is the always reliable Greenlee with its new GT-95. The GT-95 is a do-it-all tester. Users have access to all common, probe-using test methods. But in addition, the same device also serves as a no-touch tester and GFCI tester; functions traditionally requiring a number of testers – not just one.

Again, it is important to remember that no short-list could possibly entail all necessary tools of the handyman profession. There are just too many. But this list does illustrate some of today’s top must-haves in the industry. Good luck and happy handiwork.

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