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Golf Necessities for Beginners

Golf Necessities for Beginners

A wealth of patience, good hand-eye coordination and a general sense of confidence are all very important skills to possess as a beginning golfer. While these can all be learned, developed and honed over time, what you simply cannot start the game of golf without is a number of essential pieces of equipment. Here they are, in no particular order.

A Set of Golf Clubs

All beginners are initially enthusiastic about the game of golf, but the plain truth is that a few of them will bow out before they develop a true love for the sport, meaning that there is no need to spend more than a couple hundred dollars purchasing a first set of golf clubs for a beginning golfer. Beginning golfers don’t actually know how to utilize the advantages of incredibly expensive and well-designed golf clubs anyhow, so keeping it basic is a good idea for both practical and monetary reasons. A good beginning set of clubs will have two drivers, a set of irons consisting of seven or eight clubs, a few wedges and a solid putter. Brand names and color schemes are nowhere near as important as comfort and correct sizing.

A Golf Bag

Carrying a set of clubs around a golf course without a bag is an absolute nightmare situation and it is actually illegal on most courses. Golf bags for beginners do not need to be large and lavish expressions of personality and style, but rather simple and sturdy pieces of equipment that can separate the clubs into a few sections. People sometimes spend hundreds of dollars on golf bags, but a simple no-frills bag will hold the clubs together all the same for a fraction of the price.

Golf Balls

For the beginning golfer, just about any set of balls will do. A person can easily spend over five dollars per ball on some of the higher-end brands. While it is true that these brands do produce a golf ball that can lead to lower scores on the highest levels of competition, a ball that is perfectly spherical and will roll straight along the green is just fine for a beginner, and it shouldn’t be hard to find a dozen for about $10.

Golf Tees and a Golf Towel

A golf tee will be used on the first stroke of every hole on the course, and beginners often break their tees or forget to pick them up after striking the ball. Being without a tee on a tee box will likely take distance and accuracy away from a tee shot, and is the mark of a true amateur. Beginners seldom think to pack a small towel into their bags before heading out on the course for the first time, but they come in very handy once golf clubs become sandy, crusted with dirt or muddy as a result of golfing in inclement weather.

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