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Protect Your Family Against Holiday Crimes

Protect Your Family Against Holiday Crimes

Whether you’re watching your kids eat cookies by the fire or donating to a local toy drive, the holidays are a time to cherish those around you. Despite the atmosphere of tidings and good cheer, burglars see the holidays as a chance to take rather than give, often putting decent families at risk. While it’s important to relax and unwind with your family during the holidays, parents have the responsibility to keep their family safe. Make yourself aware of the dangers and risk associated with the holidays and take measures to make sure your family stays safe.

Holiday Vulnerability

The combination of rampant gift buying and vacation-abandoned homes creates the perfect storm for burglars. The threat starts at the store amidst the holiday-shopping chaos, where it’s easier for robbers to swipe and take off with newly bought gifts. Along with its well-documented violence, Black Friday carries significant theft concerns.

The Holidays aren’t just a feeding frenzy for ski-masked thieves, however. According to JSOnline, the adjusted cost of cyber crimes topped $485 million in 2011. Over half of holiday shoppers look for deals on the Internet, so it’s reasonable to believe that much of that total came during the holiday season.

Services such as LifeLock offer protection to online shoppers, monitoring financial identities and assisting in recovery when customers fall victim to scams. Short of hiring a surveillance squad, protecting your family from tangible holiday crime requires a more proactive attitude.

Prevent Home Invasion

Overprotecting your family is far superior to the alternatives, and making it difficult to enter your home is where prevention starts. Install dead-bolt locks on all entrances and check windows for potential openings. Sturdy locks and tough entrances will deter some burglars, but they won’t make your house impenetrable. An alarm system is the next line of defense that could keep your family from harm. Standard alarms trigger all doors, and advanced options include motion sensors to detect movement. If an intruder sets off an alarm, the provider immediately informs the police, providing backup within minutes.

Burglars often prey on seemingly empty homes, thinking they’ll commit leisurely theft. Whether or not you’re out of town, keeping a small light on inside that’s visible outside can prevent burglars from even targeting your home. It could be as small as a Christmas tree or a kitchen light, and it could make a world of difference.

Reaction in the Face of Danger

There’s no recipe for the proper reaction to a potential burglary, but preparation and a few guidelines will give you the best chance of keeping your family safe. Discuss a plan in the event of suspicious activity with your family, such as gathering in one bedroom. If you sense someone is in your home, call authorities as soon as possible.

No one likes to think about the possibility holiday crime, but responsible fathers take necessary steps to be prepared and protect their families no matter the season.

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