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Fireworks, Party Pranks, and Kids in Trouble: How to Cope

Fireworks, Party Pranks, and Kids in Trouble: How to Cope

Kid Watching Dad With Sparklers

The holidays are exciting for everyone, but children and teenagers may have the most intense experience. Holiday fever can entice adolescents to behave unconventionally and this can often be unacceptable to both parents and authorities. Parents should always be attentive to the activity of their children, but this is especially true during all holidays. Celebrations and parties can get out of hand easily for teenagers and establishing a delinquent behavior pattern can be problematic as they get older. Holidays can be excellent teaching opportunities for parents. How to cope can also be a life lesson -  for the parent, as well as the children.

Fireworks can generally be associated with all American celebrations and holidays. That is surely true for some more than others, but the dangers associated with shooting fireworks are consistent throughout the year. Additionally, the safety rules and laws are usually the same except during periods of drought when burning is banned. Fireworks can be very dangerous and should only be shot by multiple individuals, including adult supervision. Unsupervised fireworks displays can result in destructive fires and even lead to criminal and legal negligence claims. It is important to have a safe location to display with ample consideration for the landing process. Faulty fireworks can misfire erratically, starting fires where there is enough tender. The rule with fireworks is safety, always.

Party Pranks

Underage drinking also occurs commonly during the holidays and parties may be the most prevalent place. Drinking games have been very popular among underage drinkers for the recent past and surely lead to more crass behavior. The effect that alcohol has on rationality can also lead impulsive teenagers to other forms of unreasonable behavior and the situation can get out of hand quickly if not monitored. Some parents allow a moderate amount of this behavior, but, whether you hear this warning from an east coast Miami or west coast Riverside criminal attorney, it is imperative to remember that it’s still illegal and can lead to negligence claims.

Underage Drinking Laws

Laws pertaining to underage drinking are also more stringent than for legal adults, and can result in more problems later for the underage drinker. Of course, many holiday parties are scheduled in secret by underage drinkers and the results can be very destructive when they result in criminal charges. Parents should remember that the age limit on juvenile protection is 18 and the legal drinking age is 21. The three-year gap can lead to problems when the children are in the company of individuals under 18 if the authorities question anyone. It is unfortunate, but it still can lead to criminal charges.

Parents should always communicate with their children, regardless of age, and stress the fact that it is important to respect the law. Experiencing trouble can easily become a pattern if consequences are not effective and the lesson is not learned by all parties involved. This is a difficult time in everyone’s life and coping with family problems resulting from illegal or negligent behavior is important for every family because of the serious position of the court regarding this behavior. Even when charges are filed against underage defendants, an experienced and effective criminal defense attorney will be necessary to ensure that the rights of all parties are properly protected and negligence claims are minimized.

Ann Bailey is a parent of a teenage son and encourages all parents to reflect ahead of time on their kids’ possible holiday activities.  Qualified, experienced defense lawyers like the Riverside criminal attorney group at Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox LLP, in San Bernardino, California can provide support, guidance, and legal protection for families faced with possible underage criminal offense charges.

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