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Show Me the Links #13

For Show Me the Links, Real Men, Real Dads will showcase a rundown of links found interesting and worthwhile by RMRD. Here is a sampling:

  • Wishes for my Daughters
    I stumbled across KateTake5’s post via my pal Keith. It goes along the theme of your Top 5 wishes for your children.  I thought I would give it a go.  (I hasten to add my “top 5″ will be dynamic and ever-changing. But what follows is true for me in April 2012)  So. I hope my daughters:
  • Mother’s Day Gift:  Photo Bookmarks
    My mom always said that her favorite Mother’s Day gifts were homemade.  I think that’s a sign she’s a pretty good mom.  Sometimes it’s hard though to find a homemade gift idea that is meaningful and that will last.  I’ve always thought that homemade photo gifts like this photo rubix cube or these photo magnets are a lot of fun.
  • Rockaway Beach, MO Gets New City Boat Dock and is Awarded Second Place in Water Tasting
    Rockaway Beach, MO is getting a new city dock this week.  The dock is currently being installed and will make a great public fishing dock as well as a spots for atleast four boats.
  • Preparing for the Siege
    I am still lucky enough to get to spend all day Monday and all day Friday with my son. He’s four now, and more fun than ever. Next fall he’ll be in preschool five days a week, under the influence of his peers more than ever. I am pretty committed to enjoying the time we have right now.
  • George Zimmerman: The Tragic Limitations of Situational Awareness
    There has been a lot of discussion online about George Zimmerman, the Florida man who is on trail for allegedly shooting and killing unarmed black teenager Trevon Martin. In those online discussions we often hear talk about the need for home defense and maintaining a high level of “situational awareness.” In an article written in 2007 by Stratfor, a subscription-based provider of geopolitical analysis, situational awareness is defined as: “the process of recognizing a threat at an early stage and taking measures to avoid it.”
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