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RMRD Comments: Debt is a first resort

Bina Edwards


I find that for many, debt is a first resort. I know of many people who buy things on credit without even thinking of what they are doing. I am of the do I need it or do I want it variety. If I don’t need it, but just want it, I say it will be there the next time I shop. I find with myself, if I just go out and buy something I get buyers regret. I also find that many many people I know go on vacations on credit. They don’t actually have the money to go, they just finance it with the bank or their line of credit cards. Myself, I tend to buy things with the money I have, not the money I am borrowing (for instance, my fridge, stove, deep freeze etc, were all bought with CASH, no credit at all)

– Bina Edwards (March 5, 2012) on Debt is a Last Resort

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