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10 Real Men, Real Dad Posts You Might’ve Missed

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10 Real Men, Real Dad Posts You Might’ve Missed

Here is a list and short excerpts for ten posts you might have missed here at Real Men, Real Dads that I find are worth the time to read.  If you missed them and they intrigue you, then by all means check them out!

  1. How Halo Made Me a Better Parent
    Being a parent isn’t a cakewalk. It can be overwhelming, nerve wracking, frustrating and even dangerous. However, once you learn the rules of engagement, being a parent can be deeply satisfying. My own parents were constantly in my face; shoving parenting books and how-to manuals into my hands. My wife, of course, accepted these books with gratitude, but not me. I relied upon another source of truth and wisdom, unique to my generation, “Halo.”…
  2. 10 Tips on Leadership throughout Fatherhood
    Fatherhood can be a daunting process. You are now responsible for another human being, there won’t be a weekend ritual of going out with your friends and waking up the next day to a delightful hangover, from now on it is nappies, bottles and late-nights with lack of sleep. One of the biggest worries that new father’s have is how to lead their child through life, bring them up and be a perfect role model. Here are 10 tips on leadership throughout fatherhood….
  3. Manage Your Social Anxiety
    A speech in front of a hundred people, but an audience of millions watching on national television. Sounds scary right? Absolutely. It is not an exaggeration to say that there are so many people who are totally terrified of standing in front of a crowd….
  4. Safe Technology Tips for Kids
    As technology continues to grow into a larger part of our children’s lives, pediatricians are seeing more and more young patients for repetitive stress injuries. Encountering these types of complications at such an early age in development can lead to much bigger problems down the road. Here are a few precautions for parents to take to ensure their kids computer or gaming habits don’t lead to health issues….
  5. Creating a Blog from Scratch
    Blog are online journals. They are used as short form of web logs which means a list of writings on the Internet. When all the writing is combined together to give it a look like a small website it is called a blog. A blog can be comprised of news, articles, personal diary. Below are the 7 steps to start creating a blog from scratch….
  6. Real Men, Real Dads “Giving Back”
    When I started this website a little over a year ago, I made the decision to use it to give to charities and nonprofits on behalf of men and fathers everywhere.  After some soul searching, I decided that 10% of any and all sales revenue and 25% of any and all advertising revenue this site receives will go toward organizations that I know are real with a real mission…
  7. RMRD on Kindle
    Real Men, Real Dads is the blog of Josh Ray, a former U.S. soldier, a father, a husband, and undoubtedly a man. The focus of RMRD is on being a father and a man in the current American climate. RMRD is an extension of Josh’s personality, and aims to promote modern manliness and benefit the world in some small way….
  8. 10 Ways to be Romantic with No Money
    Contrary to popular belief, being romantic doesn’t have to be expensive. Many times the things we hold most dear are those memories that involve something simple someone said or did. This list should give you an idea of 10 such ways to be romantic without spending any money…
  9. Why For Some Kids, the Lure of a Gun is Irresistible
    It goes without saying, or at least parents assume it should, that little fingers should never wrap themselves around a real firearm. Just in case it doesn’t, be sure to tell them anyway: If you come across a gun, don’t ever touch it, don’t ever play with it; run and get an adult. Yet time and time again, there are children who ignore such warnings. Should they happen across a gun, they just can’t help themselves…they feel a compulsive need to explore it. And at least part of this is our fault…
  10. The Forgotten War’s Evolving Legacy
    For Americans, the Korean War, although largely dismissed compared to World War I, World War II, and Vietnam, carried a heavy price economically and in lives. Tens of thousands of American service members paid the ultimate price for serving in the war on the Korean Peninsula, with even more being seriously injured. Even with the heavy loss of lives, however, many of those who remember the war have a distorted sense of what “The Forgotten War” was and what it accomplished…
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