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Must Have Items for Your Man Cave

Must Have Items for Your Man Cave

No home that shared with children and women should be without a man cave. What is a man cave you may ask? Quite simply, it is a place where we go to relax, unwind and just get away from it all. It is usually located in the basement or redesigned garage but can also occupy any room in the home. It is a place to go where you can have that second or third beer without the judgmental eyes of your wife or significant other weighing down on you. In the Man-tuary you do not have to share the remote or have to feign interest in the newest romantic comedy release.

Sports is a spiritual experience in the man cave and one that much time is devoted to. In short, it is the cheapest vacation you will ever go on without leaving your front door. If you are thinking about transforming a room in your home to a man cave there are some essential items that you will need in order to make it quintessentially male and overall, just awesome!

1. A bar. It is simply a must-have. Of course, when you want your friends to come over you want to make them feel at home and have a great time. A full service bar is the perfect addition to any man cave.

2. Big Screen TV. Nowadays you can get many options in the flat screen market and as the old saying goes, the bigger the better. What better way can you feel like you are right there in the action, watching a sporting event than a big screen TV.

3. Urinal. What is a man-cave without one? Standing up to relieve yourself will just drive home the fact that you are all-man.

4. Neon Sign. This can be a beer sign or a sign that announces to guests and intruders that they are entering or should stay out of the man cave.

5. Furniture. You will definitely need comfortable places to sit. If you still have your old couch from your bachelor days just sitting in storage or the garage, dust it off and give it a new home.

6. Cool Poster. Where else can you put up your Sports Illustrated swimsuit, Rolling Stones and Scarface posters and not have to deal with the constant bickering they will engender from your wife?

7. Gaming Table. This can be a ping pong, pool, foosball or air hockey table.

8. Kegarator. Relive your old college days, with ice cold beer on tap.

No matter what you decide to decorate your man cave with, just make sure they reflect your personality and above all else, have fun!

Let us know in the comments if we’ve forgotten anything – what do you have in your man cave?

About the author: Mark Cooper is a married dad with two little kids who are constant balls of energy, smiles, and sometimes the cause of early male pattern baldness. Mark is a writer and editor at Beyond Stores, an online furniture store offering great discounts on top brands such as Basset Mirror furniture and Jofran Inc. 

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