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Strange search topics on Real Men, Real Dads!


False advertising?



I’ve made a conscious effort as of late to stay on top of trends and statistics concerning Real Men, Real Dads.  Some of the information is easily predictable, such as my posts mentioning famous people doing well as opposed to some posts (like this one).  People like Michael Jordan, Dwayne Wade, Michael Bolton, and even Justin Bieber have been mentioned on this site, and those posts are typically in the upper 10% of blog posts here.

A few days ago, I checked my “all-time” top search terms that have forwarded people to this great website.  Imagine my surprise when jelly beans yielded results in the top 5 (edged out by Michael Bolton, man cave, and Justin Bieber).  As astonishing – and welcome – as that was, imagine my surprise at what ranked in at number 8!

“Real Men Naked”

Yep.  Even though this site is firmly about men with clothes on, the term “real men naked” yielded its fair share of Internet browsers to the blog!  Until those three words were mentioned in succession earlier in this post, it had not happened before here.  Although I am excited about the added traffic, I have to admit that I am worried these people are not my target audience (whether male or female!).

If you are stumbling upon this site by accident, searching for “real men naked” then I do sincerely apologize.  I would love to be able to forward you to the appropriate website, but I know of none right off the top of my head.  I do, however, encourage you to keep returning to this site for articles about me, my family, men, and fatherhood!

Thank you for viewing Real Men, Real Dads. To support the site is as simple as reading posts, spreading the word, or even clicking on our advertising links on the right hand side. Please enjoy your time here on the blog!

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