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Daddy on a Budget (July 2011)

Daddy on a Budget
July 2011
Issue 3

The blog series Daddy on a Budget on Real Men, Real Dads is my personal journal on my family finances and the challenges I face as I try to spend less than I make.

Leading into the month of August when I would be home and jobless for a bit, July was a month of complete and total saving.  Every last dime that could be saved was saved.  Every place where the budget could be trimmed, it was.  The result of this was an even greater gap (in the positive direction) of income vs expenditures and a huge increase in total assets.  The only thing that seemed to slow us down in July was my travel expenses when making the journey from Iraq to Kuwait, Kuwait to Atlanta, Atlanta to Fort Benning (and then back to Atlanta), and then finally making the trip to Missouri.  That trip took over a week, so food was a large portion of the expenses for the end of July.

Another big change for July was the amount of income that we saved.  My plan was to build our family’s emergency fund in July, and so much of the income drawn in July did not find its way into the savings and investment accounts.  Money was still saved, but was four times less than the previous month (June).

In preparation for a relaxing month in August, we made some of our debt payments for that month in July.  This increased the amount of debt that was paid off for July, but guarantees that we will pay less of that debt down in August.  It seems that budgeting is always a balancing act.

For next month, Real Men, Real Dads readers will get to read a Daddy on a Budget feature with me STATESIDE!  It promises to be a fun time of family, trips, and expenses.  Let’s hope the budget is still intact!

Key stats for July (June in parentheses):
Total Accounts Change = +23.48% (+5.24%)
Income vs Expenditures = +54.3% (+45.82%)
Amount of monthly income saved = +4.09% (+16.59%)
Debt Paid off = +0.32% (+0.18%)

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