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Father and Son Bonding Ideas

If you are like me and looking for ways to bond with your son, sometimes the best bonding ideas are right in front of your face. Bonding with your son is best when you work together on something or share an experience.  These experiences improve when mom or the siblings aren’t involved, as it makes the son feel special.  When it is just father and son, the boy can feel more important to his dad.

It is extremely important for fathers and sons to spend time together.  A son that has an active father or father figure in his life has a better understanding of what it means to be a man and will often have more self-confidence.  This sets the son up for future success.

Personally, I don’t enjoy sitting across from my son and simply chatting.  I think there is something decidedly manly about a father and son standing side-by-side and bonding by completing an activity together.  To me, those are the best bonding moments.

That being said, I humbly offer 10 bonding ideas that fathers can try with their sons.  If you are a son trying to reconnect with your father, maybe some of these ideas can be suggestions for you, as well.

  1. Fishing – Trust me, even if you do not know much about fishing (like me) you will have fun. It is a great bonding experience.  Recently, I took my five-year-old son fishing, and we didn’t catch anything.  We still had fun, though.  I taught him how to cast his line, and he enjoyed throwing rocks at the bobber to make sure any interested fish were scared away. I can remember bonding with my grandfather by fishing.  To this day it is my favorite time spent with him.  Your son might feel the same way.
  2. Playing Catch – Baseball is as American as apple pie, or so I here. The best part of playing catch with your son is that it gives you some face-to-face time.  It is the closest thing that most of us guys get to sitting across the table from each other and having a conversation. I’m not the best baseball player, either, but I know playing catch is a great way to bond with my son.
  3. Camping – This one has a few benefits.  It helps you connect with nature, with your manliness, and your son.  A great thing about camping is that you can combine numerous other activities to camping, such as teaching your boy how to start a fire.  My oldest son and I plan on camping as soon as I return home in less than a month.  He’s as excited as I am about it!
  4. Go to a sporting event – I took my oldest to a pro wrestling show a little over a year ago and he loved it.  We met “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Harley Race, which gave me plenty of opportunities to tell my boy about my childhood and create some great father-son memories for him, too!
  5. Work on the car together – Another thing I’m not very good at.  I know the reason, though.  My grandfather used to always run me away, telling me that I was in the way.  I learned nothing about cars as a child, and blew up the engine in my first car at 17 years old because of it.  Teach your son what you know, and he will remember it!
  6. Build something together – It can be anything from building things with legos and/or blocks to working on a computer.  When the money and time is right, I fully plan to build a project computer alongside my young boys. We might even donate the computer, thus teaching my boys another lesson.
  7. Road trip – My son loves going on trips with me.  Trips anywhere.  Part of that is because when he is with Daddy in the car, he gets to do a few things he doesn’t get to do when it is the whole family.  I try to make our little trips more special than regular trips!
  8. Go gift shopping for mommy – This one serves another purpose, too.  It teaches your son to love and respect his mother by showing him that you love and respect her, too.  Sometimes with my little guy I get gift “suggestions” such as a Mario video game, but in the end we pick out something nice for mommy!
  9. Exercise – One of the greatest things you can teach your son is how to live a healthy life.  While eating food together might be bonding in theory, I think that going for a walk, jog, or some other form of exercise might be better suited for a bonding experience.
  10. Wrestle – I’ve taught my sons this since the beginning.  If you want to wrestle, wrestle with daddy.  Mommies are for hugs.  Daddies are for elbow drops and headlocks.  I can always tell my boys feel extra loved when I wrestle around with them.


I hope that these ideas have the brainwaves flowing!  If you have any suggestions, post them below.  You can also offer up your past bonding experiences if you want to!

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2 Responses to "Father and Son Bonding Ideas"

  1. I think camping is the best for bonding. I bought a small travel trailer a year ago for me and my 11-year-old son. We’ve already had many memorable camping trips.

    1. admin says:

      My oldest son is ALWAYS wanting to camp, Ed. We’ve tried fishing and it was a lot of fun even though I’m no expert on that. I’m hoping camping provides even more fond memories!

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